Safety & sustainability
Safety & sustainability


Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in our past, and will define our future. For our colleagues, responsible environmental stewardship is not merely a business imperative, but an ethical imperative as well. Every day, we partner with our customers to manage and mitigate their most complex environmental challenges through nearly 50 different service and product offerings. At the same time, we strive to improve our own environmental footprint through enhanced operational efficiency and continuous improvement efforts.

Our push for greener operations both aligns with our values, and supports our business strategy. We are committed to the health and welfare of the public we serve. That commitment begins at home with a robust safety culture that strives for nothing short of Zero Harm. We work constantly to achieve the highest levels of safety performance, and to create a healthy, injury-free workplace. Through our employee-led safety initiatives, we have worked to foster the sense of individual and collective ownership needed to drive behavioral change. Every employee is charged with helping to ensure the safety of their workplace, whether they are behind a desk operating a computer, or behind a wheel operating heavy machinery.

We are a company founded upon market insight – grounded in both respect for the environment and in the ecient use of resources – and we honor that history every day by never prioritizing prot over people or planet. We believe that our impact can and should – go beyond the products we make and the services we deliver, and view corporate responsibility as exactly that: our collective obligation to help make life better, safer, and greener for our employees, our customers, and our communities.

Corporate Responsibility Summary

Since 2015, Harsco has published a Corporate Responsibility Summary Report.  You can view those reports by choosing the year below.

Principles and Practices

Conflict Minerals

It is the policy of Harsco Corporation and its subsidiaries or affiliated entities (collectively, “Harsco”) to conduct business in compliance with laws that require publicly-traded companies to disclose their use of “conflict minerals” originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (“DRC”) or an adjoining country. Conflict minerals include columbite-tantalite (coltan), cassiterite (tin), wolframite (tungsten), and gold, (collectively, “3T&G”) and any of their derivatives. We encourage our suppliers to adopt similar policies and management systems with respect to conflict minerals and to drive those efforts throughout their supply chain to ensure that the specified metals are being sourced only from (1) mines and smelters outside the DRC or an adjoining country; or (2) mines and smelters within the DRC or an adjoining country which have been certified by an independent third party as “conflict free.”  Harsco has engaged Crowe Horwath, an international accounting and consulting firm, to assist with our conflict minerals due diligence.  You can email questions to  More information about the conflict minerals ruling is available at

Harsco Corporation - Form SD and Conflict Minerals Report 2018